what we planted

All the plants came from the Agroforestry Research Trust

Moving from East to West:

Blackcurrant Barchatnaja Grape Purpurea Spetchley Park
Redcurrant Laxtons No. 1
Blackcurrant Barchatnaja
Ostrich fern
Redcurrant Stanza
Blackcurrant Ben Hope
Ostrich fern
Redcurrant Junifer Grape Purpurea Spetchley Park

Crawley Beauty M27 (cooking apple)

Harringay Green Lanes

Rowland and ColeRowland and ColeAUGUST 2010
Disaster struck when unexpected building works started at the station. A trench was dug right through the middle of the site, soft fruit bushes were trampled, a vine plant was concreted in and the place looked a wreck.

HGL - Before

As seen from the station rampAs seen from the station rampThis month we will start clearing buddleia at Harringey Green Lanes station for our first community growing project with London Overground (it is their first, too!).

HGL - During

ben and new apple treesben and new apple treesN4 1DR
A string of coincidences allowed us to get our topsoil, compost and wood chips in time to start planting out on 21st February 2010. The final planting is imminent.

James Hannah and DoreenJames Hannah and DoreenFEBRUARY 14TH - DURING