Show Me The Money!

Dorothy and cakeDorothy and cakeWe held an Open Space event on Wednesday 30th March 2011, 6.45 – 9.30 pm at FinFuture.

About 30 people attended. We started with a brief introduction to Open Space and an outline of some of the issues which people might like to discuss. People were then asked to join a table/group to discuss something they wanted to learn more about and/or on which they had strong views and ideas. There were 8 tables (called after various world currencies) around which people explored a wide range of issues about local economics:

Some points from some of the discussions are recorded below. The event ended with a feedback session where points from each table were highlighted. Thanks were expressed to the table leaders and to everyone for the lively discussions. Some people were interested in developing small working groups on their issue, and a follow-up meeting was suggested (now agreed as 26th May at the Blackstock Greenhouse on Rock Street).

Rupee: Blackstock GreenhouseRupee: Blackstock Greenhouse