Jamboree - before

BeforeBeforeJAMBOREE PLAYHUTS N4 2AA (but no actual postcode): Jen Hawkes, Carol Glover, Tanya Addison, Jo Homan and Alex Head.

8 planters with fruit trees and multilingual signage. We will receive a plaque from Capital Growth and funding from Haringey Council's Greenest Borough Innovation Fund. The project is due to start Spring 2010.

BeforeBeforeWe are currently in the process of sourcing FSC wood for the planters and getting quotes for the signage. The text for the signage is written and Jen has a planting plan.

This project has led to some contact at Stroud Green Primary School where we may be helping to organise an after school club.

We are also organising a series of 'give and take' days at the playhuts - parents bring unwanted clothes and toys over a few days and then there's a big taking session on the Friday.

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