Knit For Nothing

MONDAYS 2-4 at the Homeless Families Project
WEDNESDAYS OR THURSDAYS 6.30-8.30 at the Knitting Shop
THURSDAYS 7.30-9.30 at the Noble
FRIDAYS 3-5 at the Knitting Shop
Islington Gazette 9th Dec 2010Islington Gazette 9th Dec 2010See events page for more info.
Both sessions are free and open to beginners. No booking necessary. We have a stash of inexpensive needles and yarn.

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The purpose of the knitting group for Transition Finsbury Park is to help build our sense of community as well as attempting to erode the throwaway attitude we often have towards things. As we learn to make and repair our own clothes we can view them as less disposable, subtly shifting our emphasis away from having lots of, say, cheap Topshop clothes, towards having fewer high-quality, hand-made items. Madaleine and CheeMadaleine and CheeThis process will also give people a greater sense of self-reliance and strength as they learn that they can be in control of the 'means of production' rather than paying someone else to do it. Local people will meet to learn and teach knitting and hand-craft skills and in the process, develop friendships that will actually work to make the fabric of society stronger. Yes, people can learn practical skills, but they will also get other kinds of support from each other and learn plenty of other things in the process.

LaurenLaurenWe support the existing knitting projects in the area as well as starting a new initiative at the Homeless Families Project based at St Johns Church on Gloucester Drive. The Homeless Families Project caters for local people living in temporary accommodation and the knitting project will enable the project users to mix informally with locals to help foster the sense of community everyone treasures so much. We will be aiming to involve as many local people as possible, using our contacts at the local primary school, the local women's choir group and the Transition Finsbury Park supporters.