Food Foraging

Foraging 2012, with Urban Harvest

APRIL 2012
Met at the Finsbury Park entrance to Parkland Walk and walked all the way to Highgate. Went to Jess's house and ate loads of foraged food. Found loads of hogweed, cleavers, wild garlic, red deadnettle, garlic mustard, hawthorn, dandelions, hops and nettles. Back at Jess's we tried birch sap wine, vodka cocktails, nettle pesto, olives, split pea dip, steamed hogweed, hogweed seeds along with home baked bread.

Met at cafe in centre of Finsbury Park. Went along Parkland Walk and then back to Edible Landscapes London site near the Manor House gate. On Parkland Walk we found some very young hogweed, some cleavers and some really young garlic mustard. At ELL we found quite a bit of yarrow, landcress, violets, salad burnet, saltbush and red mustard.
The little brown balls on the tray are delicious, bletted service tree fruits (Sorbus Domesticus).

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