Yule: Midwinter Solstice Celebration

Yule is the ancient name for Midwinter Winter Solstice (longest night and shortest day). Nature reaches its darkest point and we are steeped in it. Without the dark we know that nothing would live or grow. Seeds must be put in the dark earth in order to send out roots and push up shoots. So too for us without night there would be no chance to rest and sleep. This celebration gives the opportunity to pause, dream, reflect, asses our blessings, express our hopes and intentions for new growth in our lives. In so doing we prepare to greet the light as it returns and grows ever stronger.
During this time many different cultures and traditions work to strengthen the light and remind us that life goes on even in the depths of winter. e.g. Bring evergreen trees inside, light candles or decorate their home with twinkly lights and shiny ornaments.

Ideas for celebration at this time include:

  • Gathering evergreens, make your own decorations
  • Make a solstice tree (cut sensitively) some twigs and evergreens and put in water to open in the warmth of your home...hang on it simple homemade decorations
  • Light candles, give thanks for friends and community
  • Winter solstice mummers play
  • storytelling
  • light candles
  • Make a light chandelier
  • Hang glass jars from 2 different sized old bicycle wheels
  • Make tin lanterns (Fill old tins with sand and using a nail, hammer in any patterns you wish, remove sand and replace with a candle)
  • hang written wishes or symbolic ones (eg ribbons or handmade suns) on branches
  • Sit in silence in the dark and reflect, then light a candle to welcome in the light