Well Oiled Festival 2010

TFP Banner: One of the amazing banners produced for the festival by Ann FlettTFP Banner: One of the amazing banners produced for the festival by Ann Flett

The Festival went off without a hitch - even the sun gave us a look!

Well Oiled Festival explored our creative and practical potential in the face of adverse climate and energy scenarios. This year's event delivered an array of activities which brought together families, friends, estranged Finsbury-parkers, the Castle Climbing Centre, the guys from Pedal Power, Green Lens Photographic Studios, Finsbury Park Drummers, The Handweavers' Studio, Transition Highbury, Transition Crouch End, Highgate Climate Action Network, artists, weavers and urban healers!

climbing wall from the Castle Climbing Centreclimbing wall from the Castle Climbing Centre

The Castle provided a magnificent climbing wall which was a real crowd pleaser and a visual focus for the festival. Pedal Power ran loads of biking activities on the hard court, Green Lens Studios curated a rather lovely pop up exhibition while local residents got busy on the weaving loom or tried their hand at a bit of impromptu drumming. Here's the Pedal Power video of the day. Frances made a beautiful mandala and Giuliana gave shiatsu tasters. Antony from the Highbury group represented the VICTERI project and Gillian from Crouch End did loads of helping out. There was also a whole posse of Ignorance to Bliss stewards, all sporting Alex's beautifully designed T shirts.

Handweavers from Seven Sisters RoadHandweavers from Seven Sisters Road

Pedal Powered bikes following bike-powered musicPedal Powered bikes following bike-powered music

The day started the with a children's 1k fun run - participants won Transition Town medals. While the all day picnic rolled on to the sound of drums thudding through the park, children and adults made flags to decorated their bikes and 'renewable energy' hats, crowning themselves as monarchs of the Transition Movement.

Finsbury Park Drummers, pop up exhibition behindFinsbury Park Drummers, pop up exhibition behind

smoothie ridersmoothie rider

We also had an impressive array of stalls. Lauren taught knitting to all comers. Hannah came with her Master Gardener hat on and Jen taught chutney making and sold most of the jam we made from N4 fruit trees and bushes. People brought their surplus apples etc. to the food glut exchange and browsed for fair trade products, wool and delicious, locally produced food. They could even blend their own smoothie at the buildings and energy stall, whilst finding out how to reduce their own home energy consumption. Jo and Jamie were on hand to give information about Peak Oil, and transition (inner and outer).

art in the makingart in the making

More photos here.

Local artist, Alex Head was largely organizing this one with support from the steering group.AlexAlex

A mega thank you to everyone that came together to realize this celebratory day of encounter and exchange.

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