MARCH 2011 The project is now recommencing!

collecting bikescollecting bikes
The project has now finished. Here some of the parents are collecting their bikes from the school. Although they are now able to cycle they are not confident about cycling on roads and more work is needed to support them and their children.

We are now running a bike project which aims to engage parents, particularly Turkish mums, from Parkwood Primary school. Nuran, one of the Parkwood parents, is a strong believer that the best way to get children on bikes is to teach the parents. She organised and publicised the project, literally catching parents as they left the school playground and signing them up. She was supported by her sister, Nurçan, (a bike trainer with Sta bikes) and Bart from the travel group.
off to the parkoff to the parkThe money (almost 5K) is being used to
- provide the group's training
- pay for a bike pool and
- pay for cycle maintenance teaching
The funding comes from Transport for London and the London Cycling Campaign and we're really enjoying running the project.
Lots of mums have been cycling on the tarmacked area in Finsbury Park on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. bike maintenance workshopbike maintenance workshopThe group is a mixture of people who never learned and those who cycled as children. Everyone is much more confident about riding and soon the group will start gaining experience of road cycling.
Rahul, from Asian Action Group, attended one of the bike maintenance sessions and has put some more photos on Facebook.

Rachel Aldred from the University of East London has been following the project with some interest as it fits in with her Cycling Cultures project. More info here.
Family holiday trainingFamily holiday trainingSarahSarah