St John's Church community garden

During one mid afternoon this June 2011, Jo and I began weeding, clearing plants and litter from the garden alongside St Johns Evangelist Church on Queens Drive.
The garden, previously tended to by Jen Hawkes, needed some serious TLC, since it hadn't been looked at for some months.

After clearing and cutting some grass, we introduced some edible plants from the Finsbury Park nursery to the raised flower beds. These plants include; three Jerusalem artichokes, two raspberry and one blackcurrant plant, a strawberry plant, two small leafed salad burnets, a Marguerite, one lemon balm plant and some loving encouragement was given to an existing Victoria plum tree.

plants from ELLplants from ELLDaniDani
Dotted around the garden in amongst the wood chip are other strawberry plants, young trees and shrubs of sorts, including an abundance of dandelions and ivy.
Dani by planted up bedDani by planted up bed
labelled bedlabelled bed
5 weeks on and the garden is looking a little unkempt, but the plants are doing well. We were fortunate to have rain on a daily basis last week, so the garden is much more lush and happy looking. It seems that the little garden requires more than a weekly nursing, I must begin watering the patch and weeding on a much more frequent basis. It is at this point that I openly welcome any more volunteers to join me in caring for this space. If you have any questions, please get in touch.
site beforesite beforelitter and strawberrieslitter and strawberries