Skilling background

Skill N4Skill N4This group will help N4 shift from a culture that values shiny new, machine-made, plastic things made by someone else far away, towards a culture that values re-used, hand-made organic things, made by local people. In addition we would like to enhance the people-skills in N4 so that people are able to function better as a community.

A range of classes will be held locally such as furniture repair, bike maintenance, eco cleaning, clothes making, converting to Linux, home brewing, seasonal cooking and herbal medicine. Collaborating with local businesses, environmental groups and councils we will provide regular classes at a low cost to the individual. We will also hold taster sessions, demonstrations, skill share initiatives and workshops to provide ideas, information and practical advise. A majority of the groups will be self perpetuating, run by local people and businesses.

The desire for this group came from Sarah Hopson's own interest to learn how to make chutney, make shampoo, darn socks etc. etc. as well as from the obvious local interest expressed at the St Thomas' event back in June 09. Our first reskilling event was on Wednesday 23rd September, at St Thomas'. In Sarah's absence, Alex Head and Jo Homan are 'bottom lining' this group.

Skill Up N4 plans on playing a large part in the festival we plan on holding in Finsbury Park next summer.