Macy truth mandala objectsMacy truth mandala objectsWhat is it like to be alive today in a complicated global world? What motivates us as individuals? How do we recognize difficult situations and implement positive change in our lives? What makes us fearful, shuts us down, quick to reach for old comforts instead? We all make hundreds of decisions and choices everyday that affect who we are, be they big or small, conscious or not. We are responsible for our actions so how can we make positive ones?

It takes personal strength, commitment and determination to effect conscious and positive change within and without. Which is why Inner transition exists as a space to explore who we are and what we are doing, somewhere to concentrate on the mind, heart and spirit behind the action and to offer a warm focused space for nurture and support.

We hope this is a welcoming group for sharing both hopes and dreams and fears and dreads. It aims to offer a mixture of practices that can aid "personal growth." Exercises like yoga, meditation, visualisation and "heartfelt sharing spaces" (Joanna Macy work) aid and support positive change within and hopefully in the world around us.

This is an opportunity to meet in a structured space,work together and share thoughts and feelings about what we are experiencing as we try to make positive change and inner transition in our lives and in the local environment.

Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi