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ben and new apple treesben and new apple treesN4 1DR
A string of coincidences allowed us to get our topsoil, compost and wood chips in time to start planting out on 21st February 2010. The final planting is imminent.

James Hannah and DoreenJames Hannah and DoreenFEBRUARY 14TH - DURING
Hurrooh, hurrah! We have cleared the site. Thanks to Angela, Hannah, Doreen, Jo, James, Laura, Philippe and Tanya for all the work. And also a big thanks to BTCV who let us borrow their tools - especially the mighty mattock! Those buddleias didn't know what hit them.
We've had interest far and wide over this project with film crews and Ecologist coverage coming up, and it's really exciting to see such enthusiasm from station staff and passers-by.

Sharma who works at the station is particularly keen to do some veg growing. Last year he grew lettuces that tasted "ten times better than what you buy in the supermarket" and we have plenty of other friends living near the station who can keep an eye on our fruit trees and soft fruit bushes.

"Apple Alley""Apple Alley"We're having a hunt for topsoil this week, with the aim of spreading it about next Sunday, and it's great now to be able to see the space we're working with. Plants are coming from the Agroforestry Research Trust at the start of March. Yipee!

Hannah, Laura, JoHannah, Laura, Jo
"Bramble Walk""Bramble Walk"
Laura and the stubborn stumpLaura and the stubborn stump

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  1. Harringay Online
    29 March 2010 - 7:30pm

    .....we've also added a link to your blog on the Harringay Green Lanes railway station Wikipedia page and we've posted an update on what you've been up to on Harringay Online.

  2. Liz
    9 January 2010 - 10:38pm

    This looks like a wonderful project.
    I have put a link to this blog post on our local community social network


    (registration required but its free!)