Fairtrade Soiree, Friday 13th May at Stroud Green Library

PoppyPoppyPoppy Pickard is our local Fairtrade sales woman. She organised this event and here is her write up ...

An event on the eve of World Fairtrade Day supported by Haringey Fair Trade Group, St Aidan's Fairtrade Group, Friends of Stroud Green Library and Stroud Green Residents Association

This was a well attended event with about 50 people including a two Haringey Councillors, the chair of Enfield Fairtrade Group and some of our local St Aidan's Primary School Steering Group.


We had two photo exhibitions, the one decorating the walls was from the Fairtrade Foundation, there were some lovely images of models in Fairtrade cotton created by Trevor Leighton.
The second set of images came from Liberation Foods and was a collaboration with Central St Martin's College. Students made items of jewellery from Fairtrade fruit and nuts which led a wonderful set of images of people like Jane Horrocks wearing a brazil nut necklace and Orla Brady wearing a mango fascinator in her hair - these were shown on a large plasma screen together with very positive statements from the models on supporting Fairtrade.

We were very fortunate to have Margaret Rooke from Liberation Foods with us who gave us some background into how and why the company was started by Twin Trading and Equal Exchange. Africa has historically provided the world with its peanuts but over the years this had changed, also countries like Malawi were no longer having much success with tobacco growing. However due to Liberation Foods Malawi is now re-establishing its peanut farms. Liberation is 42% owned by the farmers making it a similar company to Divine chocolate - so you really know if you buy Liberation even more money is going back to the farmers. So please buy from your local supermarkets. Liberation also has a famous supporter in Harry Hill, and Margaret showed us the video: Harry Hill and the Knitted Character go Nuts! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktc32WX4TFQ&feature=related )
liberation foodsliberation foods
Plus we had a very useful input from three children on the St Aidan's Primary School Steering Committee who each told us why they supported Fairtrade and what their favourite Faitrade food was.
People enjoyed the munching on Harry's nuts and other Fairtrade nibbles plus drinks whilst learning more about the work of fairtrade.

Haringey's next fairtrade event will be at the Church on the Farm, corner of Adam Road and Gloucester Road, Broadwater Farm, N17 6JW on Thursday 2nd June 7.00pm when we will be exploring the work of some of our local Fairtrade Importers The Flame Tree ( http://www.theflametree.co.uk/ ) and Cascada ( http://www.cascadaworld.co.uk/ )
for further details email [email protected]