Show Me The Money II! the visioning

On 26 May, local coach and facilitator Dorothy Atcheson led a brilliant visioning workshop in which she guided participants forward 20 years to imagine a positive future for the N4 economy.

It was an exciting and inspiring evening inside Finsbury Park's coolest polytunnel, the Blackstock Greenhouse.

About 25 local residents attended the session - including members of the local Algerian community and others new to Transition thinking and initiatives. 

To capture the best aspects of the visioning, we split first into pairs and then into groups around some of the most viable ideas, with particular focus on: 

*Community - A green town hall community building in Finsbury Park and weekly farmers market

*Food growing - Communal garden spaces between houses and on roads - called 'Fence Down' and 'Road Kill'

*Exchange – A place to exchange broken items for fixed ones, and alternative currencies / credits / methods of barter and exchange 

From there, we created timelines and each attendee committed to at least one action we would personally take to help move the idea forward.

There was a resounding call for a follow-up event in a month or two to celebrate and report back on progress. So stay tuned for another date.