Heaven on Earth

DeniseDeniseThis piece is written by Denise James, a member of the congregation at St Johns Church, Finsbury Park.

I once read that if a person’s religion/faith is not helping them to strive to become their most better selves, then that religion is failing. I would add that perhaps that religion is not practicing true religion, which I also read someplace means, ‘to bind,’ ‘to yolk,’ ‘to bring back;’ to my mind, back to an early innocence knowing what we know, having experienced the things that we have - like the natural disposition of children.

I believe in that right peace of mind, ‘making one’s self better’ would also most naturally extend out to and include one’s community & environment-one’s inner and outer world.
In the beginning the bible tells us that the world and human beings was perceived by the lord as good; that the lord was well pleased with what he had made. Needless to say, since then we have moved some way away from that kind of earth.

To me, faith and the environment goes hand in hand-one world, one human race, aspiring to become humane. As an ancient African philosophy further re-minds, “Whatever happens to the individual, happens to the whole group; whatever happens to the whole group, happens to the individual.”

That’s why I love being & fellowshipping at my church, St. Johns. I believe that in that place we have - and are getting - this faith & environment balance right: we love one another as the lord loves & have taught us to love, and we love our earth that grounds, supports and feeds us the same.

That earth, like the many of us, needs healing and helping hands, so we may recover and make her truly better, coming to enjoy her fruits further and to know what it is to have a bit of heaven right here on earth.

I couldn’t be worshipping at a church that wasn’t up to date on the important relationship between environment and faith. For me there can be no separation and absolutely no question as to our personal and collective responsibilities towards ourselves, each other and this earth, so let’s help each other to keep the faith & save the earth!