Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is a traditional seasonal celebration, commemorating the night Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament, but fire celebrations have been around long before that to gather communities in the harsher colder months.
This year we gathered on bonfire night with an event entitled,
'Walk thru the Dark to the fire'.

wall creep, Parkland Walkwall creep, Parkland WalkA crowd of people gathered on top of Crouch Hill to walk together in darkness along the Parkland Walk. The idea being to support each other thru dark times as reflected in the seasonal time and the uncertain times of our current economic situation.
Alex had made an amazing boat sculpture to symbolise the journey of courage and hope we need to make. We also wanted to follow the purported underground River Crouch.
We shared our names as many of us didn't know each other and set off into the darkness. We sang and supported each other along the way. Celebratory cheers abounded when we made it thru to the other side of the the Parkland walk.

sailing by Crouch End clocktowersailing by Crouch End clocktowerAt Crouch End Hill we lit candles for all the continued help we need for our individual and collective journeys. We then processed thru Crouch End, taking turns to carry the boat and look out for each other. Accompanied by our excellent stewards we arrived to an amazing bonfire at the Meadow Orchard Project and jacket potatoes around the fire.
After some time we put any last candles on the boat and then placed it on the fire to take with it any fears and anxieties we needed to let go of and make space for our courage, strength and all we'd wish for to go forward.
We then further honoured the great element of fire as we cheered on a 'Fire Spinner'.
The dark, the rain, the cold joined us as we sang, forged new friendships, consolidated old ones and built a more resilient community.

Alex's flaming shipAlex's flaming ship