Knowing Thru Growing: celebrating autumn equinox

Getting some tips on planting garlicGetting some tips on planting garlicWe marked the autumn equinox on 21 September 2010 with some feasting, some singing, some labyrinthine fun... oh yes, and some gardening.

Watering the newly planted seedsWatering the newly planted seedsWe prepared the ground-level bed and sowed oriental salads, radishes, garlic and onions, plus some wild garlic and sorrel on the raised bed. Covering upCovering upA cloche will keep out the elements as the days turn colder.

Walking the labyrinthWalking the labyrinthMums and toddlers got involved in the equinox celebration by singing a special earth chant, and we all had a go at finding (and sometimes completely lost!) our inner balance by walking the labyrinth we'd marked out on the roof terrace.

Sharing lunchSharing lunchWe also shared a delicious feast on the terrace.

Many thanks to the Friends of Stroud Green Library, who supported the project with a donation for seeds.

Some of the themes of equinox
Night and day are equal. An opportune time to sustainably gather-in our energy and produce, to wisely harness and utilise it as best we can as we transition towards solar withdrawal and root energy. What needs storing? What do we want to preserve? What can be let go of and compost to promote balance? What seeds do we have to save? We connect to the seamless balance of giving and receiving, the ebb and flow of life, the life sustaining oxygen we breathe in and the carbon dioxide we breathe out that sustains plant life. We surrender to ‘what is’ and make a journey away from the paradigm of duality and definitions of ‘either/or’...