Confronting Change: the movies

film coverage from the event at the Southbank Centre on December 16th 2010...


shedloads on ... and we need you!

Festival Planning meeting tonight. Last year's Well Oiled festival was brilliant - let's do it event better this year! Come to the Brownswood on Green Lanes at 7pm this evening (Monday 21st) and find out what's happening.

Fabulous Febuary and March Moreso

CORE N4 Tue 15th Feb ... 40a St Thomas's Rd, N4 2QQ ... 18.45-21.15
This is probably going to be the last 'open' meeting we have for the core group - your chance to play a bigger part in the good work of Transition Finsbury Park and hear what's going on from the horse's mouth. If you plan on coming contact agnewfrancis "at"

special visitors

students from Brusselsstudents from Brussels
On 26th January 25 students from Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels came for a visit. The master students from the Bachelor's and Master's program on Environment, Health & Safety management (MEHS) had some specific goals:
-to get an idea of how a transition town is organized