Phase 1: before

PARKWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL N4 2HQ: Liberty Silver, Tanya Addison and Jo Homan.
vines outside the nurseryvines outside the nurseryAs with all our growing projects, we aim to increase the amount of edible food that is grown locally. In addition, we are creating some protection against the sun which can be pretty merciless. The initial plan is to put up some shade-creating vine trellises outside the nursery building and to put in more fruiting trees and shrubs around the site. We would also like to provide some rain protection just outside the nursery door - this will increase the amount of outdoor learning space for children when it's raining, as well as making it better for parents collecting their kids - who currently get squished.

planter and seat hereplanter and seat hereJust outside the nursery gate we plan on building a raised flowerbed/seat which will house a fruiting tree and some bushes. This will be somewhere for parents to sit while waiting for their children an the tree will offer some shade as it matures. Money has already been received for the first stage of the project, from Hornsey Parochial Charity, and we are currently looking for Hackney-approved builders to give us quotes.

Later we would like to do the same thing on the main building. We would also like to start an after school gardening club for children that can run during the summer and autumn terms.
planting along the front fenceplanting along the front fence
fruit trees and bushes in this raised bedfruit trees and bushes in this raised bedand at the back of the wild patchand at the back of the wild patchshady trellises here latershady trellises here later