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In Finsbury Park we're finding ways of living that are based on localised food production, sustainable energy sources, vibrant local economies and an enlivened sense of community, rather than cheap and polluting oil. That means that we work as volunteers to start, or support, a wide range of community-led projects, such as community gardens and Timebanking. We believe our work will help create a better quality of life for N4; one that is more fulfilling, abundant, socially connected and resilient. Although it is a challenge to come up with city-based solutions, there is plenty of inspiration out there as there are lots of existing projects in Hackney, Haringey and Islington to support our work.

Transition Initiatives are a way of strengthening local communities against the effects of climate change, peak oil (and other resources) and economic uncertainty. Climate change is well-documented and visible in the media but there is much less awareness of peak oil. Briefly, peak oil represents the inevitable decline in easily available and cheap oil. But our current lifestyles absolutely depend on cheap oil! We are fed, clothed and warmed by food, goods and fuel transported hundreds and thousands of miles. Therefore, the end of cheap oil will have a severe impact on all our lives.

The first Transition Initiative was in Totnes (Devon), which was 'unleashed' in 2006. Since then the concept has quickly spread, with hundreds 'official' initiatives around the world and many more just starting off. Transition Finsbury Park was formed in November 2008. We are the 191st official initiative and there are lots more nearby.

For more information see:
Transition Initiatives: http://transitiontowns.org/
Peak Oil: www.energybulletin.net
Climate Change: www.realclimate.org

Here's a contact list of all the London groups we know about - there are probably many more. Also here's our general leaflet, in English and Turkish.

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